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Legal research is the crux and the very foundation of all legal works. It commences with an analysis of the facts of a case, after which issues are framed and then background information and other relevant materials are collected with regard to each issue. The next step involves organizing the collected materials and assessing it following which one arrives at conclusions. While researching due importance is to be given to the primary sources than secondary sources. The primary sources of law are authoritative basis of law created by law-making bodies like parliaments, courts and administrative authorities. Parliamentary bills, legislation, statutory rules, regulations and case laws form the primary sources of law. Secondary sources are not as reliable as primary sources and include books, textbooks, literature, encyclopedia, dictionaries and glossaries in the field of law.

Legal research is what supports the legal decision making. It is in other words the process wherein the issue is identified, the regulations governing the issue is researched upon, relevant case laws are referred to, and current status of law is looked into. The complete process of recognizing and collecting relevant legal information is known as Legal research. Legal research is thus the very foundation of a sound legal advice.

Case Law Research

Case Law Research involves searching for cases related to specific issues at hand. The basic intention behind this is to collect as many..

Regulatory Research

The basic objective with which the regulatory research is done is to determine the applicable rules and regulations with regard to a particular issue at hand.

Legislative History Research

Legislative history research involves the background research and study of the circumstances surrounding the enactment of a statute,

Foreign Law Research

Foreign law is the law governing non-US States. It differs from international law as it deals with domestic laws of a non US nation,

Multi Jurisdictional Legal Research

Multijurisdictional surveys helps one in understanding statutes, rules, regulations and case laws related to particular legal topic..