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Legal Services / Legal Research / Legal Research Methods


  • Case law research
    Case Law Research involves searching for cases related to specific issues at hand. The basic intention behind this is to collect as many cases (related to that particular issue) as possible. It helps one in determining the trend of the Court in deciding certain issues.
  • Legislative history research
    The basic objective with which the regulatory research is done is to determine the applicable rules and regulations with regard to a particular issue at hand. The issue could be related to anything; it could be related to litigation or could be an issue related to a contract or even related to starting a business.
  • Regulatory research
    Legislative history research involves the background research and study of the circumstances surrounding the enactment of a statute, it includes the study of the bill hearings, committee reports and floor debates.
  • Multijurisdictional Surveys
    Multijurisdictional surveys helps one in understanding statutes, rules, regulations and case laws related to particular legal topic in several other states or countries. These surveys are done when lawyers encounter issues related to jurisdictions outside their reach.
  • Foreign Law Research
    Foreign law is the law governing non-US States. It differs from international law as it deals with domestic laws of a non US nation, where as international law is the law between nations.