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A Pro Se litigant is a person who is not represented by an attorney in the court of law and is self represented. A person not learned in law might not know anything regarding the law of the land. Mere superficial knowledge would not be sufficient if you intend to file any claims pro se. An in depth understanding and grasp of the subject matter would be a necessary pre requisite. Legal Research would just offer you what you need and that is an in depth understanding. Through legal research we can identify the basic issue behind your legal concerns and then perform the required research of case laws and statutes which can provide you an in depth understanding and consequently the same would help in defending claims against you or help and support you in instituting and filing claims pro se. Thus it is beneficial for the pro se clients to get legal research done be ones learned in law.


As a law firm partner you would have to deal with innumerable legal issues every single day and this would be tiring process. Some issues would be small and would not take much of your time, but some issues might be complicated and would require an in depth study and research might be required. But rather than spending your precious time on this you have the option of employing the services of law firms and attorney’s solely dedicated to legal research. This would save your time and your issue of concern would be researched into adequately and all doubts clarified accordingly.


Being a businessman is difficult as you would have to take care of a lot of things at one time, but then it is not impossible if you have the necessary help. A business might seem to be a completely commercial venture but then this commercial venture has a lot of legal requirements and necessities, if such legal necessities are not met with, then the same can even result into the closure of business. But then all that can be avoided if you are aware of all the rules and regulations applicable with regard to your business entity. By legal research you can easily gather an understanding of all the legislations which are applicable with regard to your business, the legal requirements which are to be met with by the business entity, the documents and records which are to be maintained by the business entity, the licenses which are required and many other similar information. Legal Research can offer you a deep insight into the applicable legislations and the with regard to your business and such information would be beneficial for you.


Legal Research is the foundation of any legal activity be it a contract or an issue with regard to any litigation. Since it is the foundation it is important that such research be in depth and only then would it impart strength to the whole contract or to the whole litigation. An In house counsel might be faced with many legal issues of pertaining to different areas of law at any time. But then the legal issues cannot be answered or the in house counsel cannot give a legal opinion without any research as such an opinion can cost billions to a company and that is not a very profitable picture. Thus the In house counsel needs to have an in depth legal research done in all the legal issues as billions rest on that one line of legal opinion given by the In house counsel. But in order to arrive at that one line of legal opinion the in house counsel has to analyze the applicable law, determine if there is any new law, analyze the case laws and precedents related to the issue, study the opinions of the courts and many such things. All this gathered by way of legal research and only with the adequate research can a legal opinion be arrived at by the In house counsel.


Being an Entrepreneur is risky but then being an entrepreneur without any knowledge of law is even more risky. To be an entrepreneur one needs to have an idea, sufficient finances and the strength to withstand the consequences, but the most important among all is to have knowledge of all the laws, rules and regulations which apply with regard to an enterprise. Lack of this knowledge might result in severe consequences and can also result in the closure of the enterprise even before it starts and this can be depressing both mentally and financially. It is advisable for an entrepreneur to conduct the required legal research with regard to his enterprise so as to avoid attracting any kind of penalty for non compliance of legislations. An adequate legal research would equip you with all the required information with regarding to the laws and rules governing your enterprise and the same would help you in the functioning of the enterprise.


Law governs the society and is applicable to all. It applies to organizations which make profits and it applies to organizations which are non-profit organizations. No person or entity is excluded from it. There are a set of norms and regulations which regulate the functioning of such non-profit organizations. Any non compliance or violation of such norms can result into imposition of penalty or in litigation and both would be costly to be borne by such an entity. And moreover since the non- profit organizations are involved in social causes a majority of their time and work revolves complaining against any violation of law, protesting in favor of these social causes and other similar acts. But while doing all this they must have a clear picture and understanding of the applicable rules concerning that particular activity and regarding how the issue has been dealt by the courts (If any). It is under these circumstances that the non-profit organizations would be in need of concerned research and an in depth legal research would just fit the bill. A proper and comprehensive legal research can aid and help any non – profit organizations to reach their objectives and goals.

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