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Novelty Search

Novelty search is the first step for applying for a patent and can help the applicant in deciding whether the invention or idea is patentable or not. The search is conducted so as to determine whether there are any closely related patents or printed publications which could render the proposed invention not patentable.

If the findings of the search indicate that there are similar kinds of patents or printed publications, the inventor can drop the idea of getting patent for his invention in the beginning itself and thereby save money and time. If the findings give a positive indication that there are no similar patents or publications disclosed to the public prior to the proposed invention in any manner, conflicting with the originality of the invention, then the inventor can move forward with applying for patent protection. Since originality is the main standard for determining patentability, novelty search is very important to confirm that the invention is a new concept and is devoid of any existing knowledge or like inventions already recognized in a particular field. Patent attorneys can draft better specifications of a novelty search is performed first.

The novelty search can be conducted by searching all conceivable classes to which the invention can be categorized, by doing a keyword search on all possible synonyms for the invention and by examining the descriptions of closely related patents. USPTO portal, State library and other free websites can be used for quick searches. Commercial online databases or CD-ROMs can be used in case of inventions that can make revolutionary changes.

Expert patent attorneys of Biz & Legis can access to comprehensive database of scientific, technological and other patent related information through various resources. Our attorneys in patent team has sufficient knowledge and many years of experience in the technical and scientific areas and the same helps us in performing effective novelty searches.