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Prior art Search

Prior art search is a kind of search conducted prior to starting research and development of any technology. It helps to ascertain whether the technology one wants to develop already exists or not. Novelty and Non obviousness are the two tests applied for the issuance of a patent. Prior art search determines novelty and non obviousness and helps to locate all such existing similar developments and innovations.

Prior Art search is the means by which the patentability assessment is conducted. It serves as an instrument to distinguish what is new or novel (Invention) and what already exists (State of Art). By revealing the existing state of art, the prior art search report helps the inventor to decide upon the scope of research. All previous public disclosures along with earlier patented inventions related to the proposed invention are found through ‘prior art search.’ The findings from prior art search conducted serves as the basis for Patentability opinion and are submitted along with the patent application in an invention disclosure statement. It is not mandatory to conduct a prior art search prior to filing an application, as once the application is filed USPTO always conducts a search for official examination purpose. Short-listing of keywords, searching key inventors, searching International Patent Classification symbols, reviewing references, exhaustive search of databases, extensive Internet based search and analysis and interpretation of search results are the various phases of prior-art-search.

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