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State of Art Search

It is a very broad search and the search helps to identify the already existing technology and then further build on it. It helps in the identification of new technological trends. This type of search is usually conducted in order to determine as to what is being developed in a particular field. The patents related to the specific technology as per the client requirement are collected in this search. This search helps one in identifying the technical advancements correctly and the areas wherein there is scope for technical advancements and to further carry on research in those areas and ultimately develop a stronger patent portfolio.

State-of-the-Art Search is performed to confirm the current developments in a given field. A broad range of sources are searched for this purpose including publications, transcripts of important scientific meetings, issued patents etc that are related to specific field of art. However, the scope of the search must at the same time be pretty narrow to be useful.

The State-of-the-Art Search includes Collection Search that gathers a variety of patents in a particular field. Collection search can be narrowed down by year limitations, recognizing particular inventors, and by adjusting the quantity of exhaustive information on the invention. Trend search and statistical search are the other two searches apart from collection search. A Trend Search provides comprehensive study of objects, construction, application, or else, of the invention, applicants and inventors, key dates: Filing date, publication date, date of grant, etc and a Statistical Search provides statistical indexes such as classification, file indexes or file-forming terms, keywords, applicants, and key dates.

A State of the Art patent search is useful while planning for new investment or acquisition of new project and for deciding research scope. It is quite strategic in planning competitiveness and long term profitability. By revealing the latest developments in the field, State of the Art search helps organizations already active in a particular area decide most apt future direction for their research.

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