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Patent proof reading

Patent is a very important document which clearly defines your rights with regard to a particular product, but then if the patent application itself is wrongly worded then would you still say that you are well protected? Well to avoid this it is important that you proof read your patent application prior to submitting the same before the authorities. Errors in patent applications might prove very costly in the long run and so it is better that such mistakes are corrected prior to filling the applications. As once the patent is granted then you will not get a chance to correct it.

Patent Proof reading is the process that identifies the errors in the issued patents and is an important last step in controlling the quality of patents and ensuring enforceability.

Patents are implemented in the manner in which they are granted and hence the errors will have an effect on patents. Errors may happen on the face page, in the claims or in the entire specification covering the drawings as well. The errors may be of different types like clerical error, incorrect figure, incorrect claim numbering, grammatical errors, error in claim dependencies, typographical errors, repetition of textual matter etc. A lot of these errors are insignificant, but others such as missing claim, can ruin the enforceability of the patent. The responsibility to rectify these errors lies on the applicant irrespective of whether it is the PTO or applicant that had committed errors. Patent Proof reading involves verifying the issued patent which can be pages lengthy against the filed application and all amendments and thereby finding errors. Hence it consumes a lot of time and is expensive also.

Our team of experienced attorney’s are well trained to spot errors and omissions in the application. The different stages of application review at Biz & Legis further ensures that your application is error free.