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Legal Research


Legal research is important and the same is due to many reasons, but the commercial importance can be listed down as:

Through early detection effective cures can be applied and legal research helps in identifying the legal position of every issue and due to this identification effective solutions can be applied to cure the legal problems.

Prior to starting any activity and investing huge amounts of money it is always better to determine the legal viability of the project and in order to determine the legal viability legal research in this regard is required.

Every litigation , every contract is based on research and the same is due to the fact that through research you can identify the problem areas and work around it and avoid being penalized for any kind of legal non compliance or penalty.

Legal research helps in understanding the economics of every legal issue at hand.

It is necessary to have strong base if you want a building to last for long and legal research is that base on which rests a contract , a litigation , a legal opinion or in other words every legal act.

Case Law Research

Case Law Research involves searching for cases related to specific issues at hand. The basic intention behind this is to collect as many..

Regulatory Research

The basic objective with which the regulatory research is done is to determine the applicable rules and regulations with regard to a particular issue at hand.

Legislative History Research

Legislative history research involves the background research and study of the circumstances surrounding the enactment of a statute,

Foreign Law Research

Foreign law is the law governing non-US States. It differs from international law as it deals with domestic laws of a non US nation,

Multi Jurisdictional Legal Research

Multijurisdictional surveys helps one in understanding statutes, rules, regulations and case laws related to particular legal topic..