Paralegals and their services are essential for any legal battle. Each battle needs soldiers who clear the coast for the leaders of the army, paralegals are such soldiers. Their services like document review, legal brief preparation, case management and many others are all equally important. Be it litigation or be it an issue of merger and acquisition, paralegals are required for all legal works. Biz & Legis offers you such trained soldiers who are ready to fight your legal battle.
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Paralegals are the people who help out the lawyers and attorneys in their legal works. The legal works are usually mammoth tasks. There are different stages in all legal works and many a times in depth knowledge of law is not required in certain stages. Take for instance the case of a litigation, in a litigation there are many stages, initially all the documents related to the case are to be sorted out and grouped accordingly in the order of importance.
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Attorneys are in the end responsible for the legal works but many a times they delegate some of their works to paralegals. The paralegals are trained to perform many tasks in the legal field. They are prohibited from practicing law and from giving legal advice and many such things, but there is no prohibition on helping or assisting the lawyers. The attorneys seek the assistance of the paralegals in many matters. It eases their final work load by a considerable extent.
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