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Attorneys are in the end responsible for the legal works but many a times they delegate some of their works to paralegals. The paralegals are trained to perform many tasks in the legal field. They are prohibited from practicing law and from giving legal advice and many such things, but there is no prohibition on helping or assisting the lawyers. The attorneys seek the assistance of the paralegals in many matters. It eases their final work load by a considerable extent.
The same applies in the case of virtual paralegals also. The virtual paralegals works in accordance with your specific needs just as a paralegal in any law firm would. The virtual paralegals are more like independent contractors, they work on project basis. They help in reducing workload and in increasing profits. As a virtual employee does not need any kind of space in your office, you can save on paying for the office space. The importance of virtual paralegals varies from sector to sector and the same has been explained at length below:

For Law firms

Law Firms are considered to be the centre of all legal activities. It is in these law firms that legal solutions are found for your legal problems. But then it is not that simple as it sounds. The legal solutions are arrived at after hours of grueling research and discussions. The solutions vary on the basis of the problems as not all problems can be solved in one way. The attorneys arrive at the legal solutions to the legal problems step by step. Law firms have different legal works like litigation, due diligence reports, contract review and drafting, intellectual property matters etc and in all these a different approach is adopted.
But then in all the legal works there are certain tasks for which it is not necessary for one to have the knowledge of law and no application of law is also involved. Such tasks are available at large in law firms and these tasks are given to paralegals. Take for instance with regard to Due Diligence reports many corporate documents would have to be reviewed the Paralegal’s can review the large chunk of corporate documents and arrange, organize and index the same in the order of importance and relevance. If the paralegals are to do this then it would save a lot of time of that of an attorney. Such tasks are available at large in law firms as they are the centre of legal activities.
Virtual paralegals offer the same services as that of a paralegal but at a reduced cost. The virtual paralegals work on project basis and payment is to be made in accordance with the task performed by them; hence it is beneficial for the firm, moreover since the virtual paralegals do not occupy any office space so the firm does not have to incur any expense in this regard, so the firm again saves money. Thus the virtual paralegals are very economical and help the law firms in saving money.
An attorney’s time is highly valued so rather than spending such highly valued time on tasks which require no application of law it would be wiser to employ the services of virtual paralegals.

For Corporations

A business entity always has some or the legal need, it may be with regard to starting a new project or making a new investment, or acquiring a new company or expanding the business or many other things of similar nature. The entity would be in need of some or the other advice in many such instances. But you just cannot pick up your complete set of problems and just barge in on any of the law firms. If you do, then be ready to handle an exorbitant bill as the law firm is not going to have any mercy on you and would bill you on the basis of the time taken by their attorneys for your work. So before you go knocking on a law firm with a truck load of papers it would be wiser to get these documents reduced by a considerable amount so that you don’t get that exorbitant bill.
A virtual paralegal is the answer to all your concerns. A virtual paralegal can easily do such tasks and organize and index the documents on the basis of relevance which would reduce the task of a lawyer by a considerable extent and the same would result in a reduces bill. The corporation can handle many such tasks by employing the services of virtual paralegals. The virtual paralegals are well equipped and have sufficient knowledge of the internet and other facilities offered over internet and the same helps them in performing effective services for any corporation. The space occupied by these paralegals is all in the virtual world but the services so offered by them are applied in the real world and are effective.

For Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations usually work on a shoe string budget and they do not have too much of money to spare other than the amount required to meet with their tasks. But then since most of the acts of the nonprofit organizations are concerned with social causes and many a times these acts have legal consequences. In such cases they are in need of attorneys. Now since these organizations are not money rich they cannot approach good law firms as they are not in a position to afford the legal fees and virtual paralegals are completely ideal for any nonprofit organization..
Virtual Paralegals can draft letters like cease and desist and other letters of similar nature, which might be required by the nonprofit organizations from time to time. The nonprofit organizations can thus save a considerable amount of money.

For Individuals

Individuals have different legal needs; it can be related to litigation or related to a contract or any other legal matter. But many a times the services of an attorney are not required and the queries can be answered by paralegals. Issues like where court papers are to be filed, the format of court documents, the formalities or the procedural requirements to be met with for entity creation. It would be a wise move to approach a paralegal for such issues.
A virtual paralegal is a more economical option as compared to that of a paralegal. You would only have to spend half the amount on the virtual paralegal but without any compromise on quality of the work done.